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In early 2016 we launched a building & community focused exclusively on consumer-focused startups with a single goal... creating more B2C winners in Atlanta. This community has given us the unique ability to understand the B2C scene in Atlanta. We see an opportunity to greatly accelerate the progress of B2C startups with an official program.

Our new program is called Switchyards Studios

Starting today we'll put one B2C startup per month through a very focused 90-day program to develop the concept, create a strong brand, find customer demand and build your first technology product.

Our process mimics how the best founders in the world create new startups. And, as part of the program, we'll invest in the top startups to emerge from Switchyards Studios.

The price for each startup is $25,000 for the program. Switchyards Studios lies between traditional development/design shops and accelerators/incubators. The best ideas that emerge from Switchyards Studios will be on a good path to raise outside capital or join a top incubator/accelerator.

Today we are also announcing the addition of Blake Byrnes to the Switchyards team. Blake founded a few startups as well as a successful 30-person mobile consulting company, and knows how to run product and technology for a new product - from design, to development, architecture and finding talent.

The three partners of Switchyards Studios each focus on a different portion of the program. David Payne manages business model validation. Michael Tavani manages brand creation. And Blake Byrnes manages product development.

We are also excited to announce that we plan to launch a fund to invest in the top startups to emerge from Switchyards Studios. It is incredibly difficult to raise money for B2C startups in Atlanta. We think this is as much of a foundational problem as it is a capital problem, so combining a program and a fund is our way to begin to solve this problem. We’ll start investing in 2017.

If you are non-technical founder in Atlanta with an idea for a consumer startup, Switchyards Studios is the best partner to help you build a product that customers and investors will love.

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If this sounds like you, drop us a note... we'd love to discuss to see if there's a good fit.