Our events

The Consumer Show

As the only space in the city solely dedicated to consumer startups, we thought we should host a monthly pitch event focused on consumer startups. #theconsumershow is only for startups that build products for consumers. We highlight five startups and each one will present their business for five minutes with five minutes of audience Q&A for each startup.

Made in Atlanta

A collaboration with Alternative Apparel, Made in Atlanta is a monthly event about the best brands that are made right here in Atlanta. The focus is on the brand story, and more specifically, interesting details that aren't discussed often. This is really an event about how brands are made. The company and its brand is the celebrity of the night.

Friends of Switchyards

Friends of Switchyards is the most tactical programming that exists in Atlanta to increase the likelihood of your consumer-focused startup succeeding. This weekly members-only roundtable provides actionable guidance to B2C founders from the best resources in Atlanta. Each session is focused on one of four tactical areas: product, brand, marketing and money.


Need space?

We rent our space for meetings, offsites and events all the time. We've got a full coffee shop and bar if you're into that kind of thing. What makes our space unique is that it isn’t a basic space in your dad's office park. Switchyards is an inspiring 90-year-old building in the middle of Atlanta's most historic neighborhood. The vibe is more Brooklyn than Buckhead. Most people choose Switchyards when they desire to create something beautiful. Give Kerry a shout if you need to rent a space with some soul.

Offsites or 'innovation sessions'

We've hosted 5-25 person week-long offsites for some of the biggest and best brands in the world (Google, CNN, Wordpress & Uber). We've also hosted quarterly executive meetings for some of the city's most innovative local companies (King of Pops, Gather & Alternative Apparel). No need to leave the building for coffee, refreshments or snacks - we have our own coffee shop, Western & Atlantic. Lunch? There are 47 great restaurants within 5 blocks. Or we'll help you cater it. We got you covered.

Big events & gatherings

We've hosted meetups, holiday parties, variety shows and live podcast recordings. Our event space is 4700 square feet of authentic, 1928 brick building. Big windows, brick walls, high ceilings, bleacher seating for 250, a "green room", a bar with beer on tap and full A/V and large screen projector. And bathrooms. We have great bathrooms.

Small meetings

Sometimes, you just have a small to medium-size meeting with just your team and you want to do it in a place where you'll be inspired to do your best work. We host these all the time. Switchyards oozes with creativity and inspiration in our authentic downtown building.

Switchyards Downtown Club

Switchyards Downtown Club

Switchyards Downtown Club

Visiting SDC

151 Ted Turner Dr. NW, Atlanta, Geo. 30303. Note: the SDC front gate is closed to members only. Text or call who you're visiting when you arrive and they'll come down to greet you.

Switchyards Downtown Club


Marta's the best way to get to Switchyards. They're doing a fantastic job getting people to Switchyards every day. Peachtree Center station is the closest stop on the north-south line. Exit via the Ellis St. escalator (the west one on the right).

Parking - 2 hours or less

Street parking is usually always available and a close, cheap option near SDC. Cone St. (behind the building) is a good option. Luckie St. (in front of the Tabernacle) is another good option. There are also street spots on Luckie St. at Ted Turner Dr. Street parking is $2/hour (credit cards accepted) or you can pay using the Parkmobile app. After 7PM, a bunch of it is free, but check those signs to confirm. And the Parkmobile app allows you to add time if your meeting is running over. There’s also a surface lot right across from our building. Like, right across. It's $5-10 for 8 hours (except during events).

Parking - full day visit

There’s a surface lot right across from our building. It's $5-10 for 8 hours (except during events). There’s another surface lot at the corner of Luckie St. and Ted Turner Dr., which is the cheapest choice if you’re in between 6am and 9am. It's $4 for 12 hours. There's also a big parking deck behind the building at 150 Carnegie (Williams & Cone) that's $5 if you're in before 9am or $10 for the whole day.


Oh, how ambitious! We have four bike racks right in front of the building and also a rentable-by-the-hour Relay Bike stationed in one of the racks.

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