shut up and be ugly

We build stuff for founders.

We aren't for everyone.

This is what we believe.

If you do too, email us.

  1. All we think about are B2C startups.
  2. There's a B2C playbook (that you should know).
  3. It's messy in the beginning. This is where we live.
  4. Ignore what consumers say.
  5. Pay attention to what consumers do.
  6. Don’t spend a lot of money.
  7. Founders are artists.
  8. Founders first. Everything great comes from their belly fire.
  9. Learn by doing.
  10. Founders are delusional. We are founders.
  11. Mystics should be paired-up with mechanics.
  12. Momentum is oxygen for startups.
  13. There's no greater lie told to startup founders than “you need a technical co-founder.”
  14. Great startups don't skip steps.
  15. We've launched lifestyle businesses and venture-backed businesses. Neither is better. Just different.
  16. Raising money for a startup comes from traction...not the reverse.
  17. Think small.
  18. Nothing you do now is what you’ll do at scale.
  19. One prototype is worth 1,000 meetings.
  20. Think your first product is a winner? Instagram was a drinking app.
  21. Find your unknown unknowns fast.
  22. Marketing doesn't matter.
  23. People got tattoos of our last two startups.
  24. We need to stick together in Atlanta.
  25. Let’s grab coffee and discuss. We know a spot.
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